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Attention BUILDING OWNERS: We welcome you to try our professional SURVEILLANCE CAMERA SYSTEMS services customized for your property!

Best for your home or your business, indoor or outdoor, VIP Security Solutions Inc provides high quality surveillance systems. With years of expertise in the field and using the latest technologies and security innovation, our company offers full installation and maintenance services to record, archive and access surveillance videos.




Why do you need a surveillance security system?

Because professional security systems provide complete surveillance and video monitoring of your home and business 24/7 indoor and outdoor.

Why Surveillance Systems are a Must-Have?

Knowing that you can have these modern devices installed almost anywhere, will definitely provide peace of mind. If you plan on going on vacation or the weekend is around the corner and you want to make sure your home and your business are protected, you can always connect to Internet and check the cameras remotely, for any activity.

This will not only help you relax more, but will also keep eventual burglars and thieves away. Knowing that your place is being watched, robbers tent to keep the distance for the risk of being caught.


How Important is the Video Quality of Your Surveillance System?

The quality of the video recordings of your Surveillance System is crucial, especially in cases when a person needs to be identified.

  • A blurred image with low clarity can be difficult to use and offers less information than one that is clear.
  • The power of your security system cameras is measured in megapixels, and on that it depends the clear image quality of the recordings.
  • Compared to old analog cameras, the new ones will offer a larger field of vision and an incredibly clear image quality.
  • These cameras have other important features, such as video analytics that can trigger automatic recording if there is movement within the camera’s field of vision.
  • This is a particular useful feature especially when you are out of town or your business is closed, and your surveillance system is set to send you notifications of any movement within your home or commercial space perimeter.


Security Systems – why you need professional installation?

To limit liability, preserve manufacturer warranty and system integrity!

Step to step guidance is the key!

At VIP Security Solutions Inc, our highly qualified teams will design and install commercial, industrial and home CCTV Surveillance Systems that fit our clients’ needs.

  • We want to be a valuable partner to you and your business, and we are ready to make suggestions for improving your camera systems or for installing new ones, according to your demands and necessities.
  • Our team will sit down with you and look at all the options, the spots where cameras would go, finding the best ones to enlarge the field of vision.
  • They will guide you through the process, help you navigate the system and teach you how to make the best use of it.


How is your Chicago Surveillance System different?

We know that you have a wide range of options to look into, and that could be overwhelming, but we are here to offer guidance and provide you with on of the best experience and service on the market.

  • Our team will explain in detail how our surveillance systems work, give you the technical guidelines and once you have your system in place, we will be a phone-call away for any questions and concerns.
  • We are an active part on our customers’ daily life and are available for you around the clock.

The human connection and our promise to have your back whenever you need guidance and have concerns about your security camera system, is our promise high-quality services.


What is included with our services?

Our surveillance services include:

  • Free consultation and installation estimate, we analyze and propose the best option for our clients.
  • Choosing and delivering materials.
  • Creating infrastructure.
  • Mounting and assembling components.
  • Positioning and focusing each camera.
  • Setting and programming the cameras.

Indoor & outdoor PTZ & wide angle cameras

We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor CCTV camera models with wide angle and PTZ features to secure and protect your property.

Whether your residence or your business need analog or digital cameras, whether you need remote surveillance to connect and to view your cameras from anywhere in the world, our expert personnel will help you decide what is the best solution for you.

*PTZ Camera = Point-Tilt- Zoom camera is a robotic camera capable of remote directional Pointing, Tilting and Zooming.

Surveillance Camera Systems for Restaurants and Hotels

Affordable and convenient, installing surveillance cameras to your restaurant, market, office buildings, hotel or any other commercial space will increase productivity among your employees, will avoid frauds into your store and will dramatically reduce vandalism.

Hidden or installed in a visible place, a security camera records and saves on its hard drive every image that could help you increase your business rating..


WHAT-do you get?

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Estimate
  • Professional Installation
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance

WHEN-do you get them?

  • 24 hours turnaround estimates
  • 48 hours turnaround for Infrastructure design
  • Custom schedule to fit your operations
  • Seamless installation, no business disturbances
  • Fast Install / advance planning

HOW-do you get them?

  • All equipment covered by warranty
  • Mobile and online access
  • All setup included, camera setup, online access
  • Remote access, online viewing
  • User custom access

How to choose your security system?

“We will gladly offer you a free quote and consultation!”

What to Look for When Choosing a Video Surveillance System?

The three most important things to consider when choosing your video surveillance system are your cameras video recorders and PoE switches.


  • When it comes to your cameras, it is important to take into consideration the resolution, frame rate, the camera models, if the cameras are for indoor or outdoor, the lightning and the audio option.
  • As previously mentioned, the resolution is one of the most important considerations in selecting a camera. For sharp images with high clarity you will need to choose a high definition one, like an IP camera.
  • The frame rate is also important, as the higher the frame rate of your camera is, the smoother the video will be. The frame rate is crucial for the quality of the video, as you want the recording to be done in “real time”.
  • When choosing the cameras, their placement is also important, as some cameras are only made to be installed indoors and will not perform outside, especially in Chicago, where water patterns are fluctuating during early spring or late autumn. Some outdoor cameras are minimally resistant to weather while others are completely waterproof, so choosing the right ones is important. That way, you will make the best usage and extend the life-spam of your surveillance system.
  • Lightning is also an important aspect that should be considered when choosing your cameras. Choosing “low-light infrared” cameras will enable your surveillance system to record video in darkened areas or at night.
  • The audio feature of your cameras is not as important but it can facilitate your communication with someone who is in the camera’s field of vision. If you think you might need this feature, you can let our team know and we will address your needs.


  • When choosing a video recorder, there are some aspects that need to be considered, like storage capacity, cloud storage, camera compatibility and the compression.
  • The storage capacity of your video recorder depends on some aspects of your surveillance system: how many cameras you have and what is their resolution, how much of the footage you want to archive and for how long you intend to keep that footage.
  • If you intend to store footage for longer and avoid the system to overwrite it when it reaches its full capacity, you can choose cloud storage to give your surveillance system some extra space than the one on your video recorder. The cloud is important, as it will give you access to your footage archive even when your equipment is malfunctioning, damaged or stolen.
  • When choosing your video recorder you need to take into consideration the compatibility between your cameras and the type of recorder you choose. Usually the cameras come with instructions and guidelines in regards to compatibility, but if you have questions and concerns, our team of experts is here to help you make the best choices for your needs.
  • Compression is one aspect that is difficult to master, but it does eliminate non-important footage from your recordings. This aspect is highly discussed and explained by our team, so you should not worry if you do not understand it from the beginning. We are here to explain you everything related to your surveillance system, including compression.


  • When buying a PoE switch, the type of it is closely connected to the number of cameras your surveillance system has.
  • Our team will guide you and give you the best options of PoE Switches that work perfectly with your security camera systems, so you will not have to dwell on this decision for too long or do extensive research.

*PoE Switch  = Network switch that has Power Over Ethernet built in and had the capability to turn on power automatically to any devices connected

We are here to help!

Relying on your residence or business needs, our devoted engineers can recommend online surveillance systems.

  • The online surveillance system can be used to control one or more doors, using a numeric code, a smart card or even your fingerprints.
    • To ensure that these devices do not need a specialist to be near them all the time, their software was developed as an easy to use one.
  • An online surveillance system offers the possibility of controlling one or more entrances at the time, providing access via a network.
    • Combined with a standalone access system, one single person can supervise in the same time both intense traffic and forbidden access areas.

Safety & Confidentiality First!

VIP Security Solutions Inc urges you to put on the map the safety of your family and the confidentiality of your business information.

This is why we highly recommend installing access control systems at your residence or company building, using our professional services.


Our dedicated teams will:

  • Offer free consultancy and free estimates, to help you decide on what you need;
  • Design a network for an access control system if needed;
  • Install the needed system;
  • Custom programming for the device;
  • Offer a maintenance plan.

For more information on how you can benefit from our services, contact VIP Security Solutions Inc today and get your free estimate.

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